I have used film camera since I was a kid. I remember my sister lent me a point and shoot film camera for my primary school graduation trip. That was my first experience shooting with film camera.

I used to shoot with DSLR cameras and I had Canon EOS 1000D, 500D and 5D Mark II. Currently I am still shooting with 5D Mark II. When I was shooting with DSLR, I realized that I need to improve my photography skills especially understanding how the camera works technically. therefore, I bought my first film camera in 2013 when I was living in Hong Kong. The first camera I bought was the Minolta SRT-101 and it comes with the 50mm F1.7 prime lens. Since then I totally fell in love shooting with analog cameras.

After shooting with film cameras, especially with mechanical SLR cameras, I started to really enjoy and appreciate photography. Unlike digital cameras, we could take multiple shots, view and delete instantly. However the cost of shooting with film cameras are high, it forces to me to think and control the settings before pressing the shutter. Thus it makes every shot more precious and enjoyable.

This page is a blog page about my film cameras and my experience in film photography. Here are the updates of my blog..
US$32 Film Camera and Print
The Nikon F70 is a mid-range SLR camera introduced by Nikon in 1994, I bought this camera body for HKD250, which is equivalent to USD32.

Minolta SRT101 & Prints from Cameron Highlands
This camera is equipped with MD Rokkor 50mm F1.7 lens. It supports bulb mode, shutter speed, 1sec to 1/1000sec. It has self-timer and is a fully mechanical camera. Which means the camera still can work even without battery. You can use SR44 battery to power up the light meter.

How To Shoot With Film Camera?
Shooting with film camera is one of the ways to slow down ourselves. Enjoying true photography experience by connecting to the camera, the film, the subject and the people that you are interacting.

3 Common Mistakes Shooting With Film Cameras
In this article, I would like to share the 5 most common mistakes in film photography for beginners. I have made all the mistakes when I started shooting with film cameras again. These mistakes only applicable to manual SLR cameras which requires manual film loading, manual focus and manual metering. It doesn's apply to fully automatic or point-and-shoot film cameras.

High Saturation Color from Fujifilm Superia Premium 400
I visited Osaka and Kyoto on last winter Jan 2019. I went to Big Camera shop at Namba, Osaka and bought the Fujifilm Superia Premium 400. It was my first experience using the Fujifilm Superia Premium 400. I loaded the film into my Canon F-1 and I shot mostly with my 28mm F3.5 lens around Kyoto.

Received A Medium Format Camera From eBay
The agency gave me a collaboration proposal with an eBay seller. The deal was the eBay seller sends me a film camera, I make a review video about the camera and I keep the camera.


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